Oh hey, maybe I’ll actually write a blog post…

Hello! I havent not written in here since I started my website. I apologize to any one who wanted to hear the crazy thoughts that go on in my head! (You probably don’t.)

As you noticed I have a new book coming out on 9/9/21! I am beyond excited for this book. I decided to go a little darker and plan on moving from contemporary romance into romantic suspense and dark romance. Why? Well let me tell you the darker the books get the more fun I have writing them. I have always been an avid fantasy reader but when I tried to write fantasy I really struggled. But I learned that suspense/dark romance hits in the middle between contemporary and fantasy. I can write crazy, wild, reckless stories. And it has been so much fun!

Atonement was meant to be a contemporary romance but then my mind when darker. I think it’s the perfect transition book between my contemporary romance and dark romance. It hits right in the middle with only slight dark elements. Which is perfect because y’all are gonna need to hold on to your butts with the current book I am writing. Because it’s going dark! And I am even more in love with this story. I have written over 25k words in the last ten days which is a record for me. This story is flowing from my fingertips and I know you will all enjoy it after reading Atonement. But that’s all you are going to hear about my current WIP. You will just have to wait for more details!

And don’t worry about contemporary. I will still throw in some of those every now and then. Besides I am not done with the Taylor brothers!

Make sure to check out my home page for direct links to Atonement presale info. Or click here for a universal link.

Until next time!

XO Tori