The Partners have plans for Matías Montford.

I’m a monster.

I have a darkness that I can’t control and it begs to be let free.

A monster that has sold their soul to the criminal underground. 

I shouldn’t like the taste of blood.

But the power it gives me feeds the malevolence inside me.

A monster that is tasked to kidnap someone.

A gorgeous, feisty woman who looks at me without fear in her eyes. Her fight causes a primal feeling inside of me.

I know I can’t have her and yet that doesn’t stop me from wanting to defile her.

I’m torn between loyalty and taking her as mine to protect.

Both our lives hang in the balance.

And now the gun is pointed at me, but I’m not scared to get blood on my hands.

Because I’m a monster.

And my darkness is ready to make my captive mine.

Available 12/9/21

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